Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Police Shomreem Ministries to:

  • be good servants of God by tending His flock in their times of need
  • respond to locations where emergency services chaplaincy is needed. This includes manmade or natural disasters and critical incidents.
    • A man-made disaster is one that is caused by a person or several persons.
    • A natural disaster can be any serious weather related incident, earthquakes, floods, wild fires, firestorms, ice storms, landslides and others.
      • A critical incident is an incident where sudden death or serious injury occurs. These critical incidents can include:
      • Civilian shooting, stabbing, home invasion, battery, robbery and rape incidents
      • Police involved shooting incidents
      • Law enforcement or firefighter line of duty death or serious injury incidents
      • School, workplace, home or other location where violence has occurred
      • Serious, life threatening or sudden death accidents of all types
  • minister through chaplaincy to the first responders, citizens, support personnel, friends and family of those who are involved or witness a serious incident
  • minister to people who are in need of emotional and spiritual care through emergency services chaplaincy. This includes Emergency Services Rapid Response; Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, Disaster Relief Chaplaincy and Critical Incident Stress Management teamwork
  • assist local law enforcement agencies, disaster relief agencies and local churches to minister to persons through chaplaincy and counseling ministries
  • partnership, liaison and serve with local ministers, law enforcement agencies, disaster relief agencies, citizens groups, local associations, state associations, national associations
  • partnership with the best qualified volunteer chaplains from local ministries
  • develop, support, and encourage persons who are involved in chaplaincy and counseling ministries
  • develop an understanding of the need for chaplaincy services in law enforcement agencies and emergency management agencies, by education of the benefits found in using chaplains for the emotional and spiritual care of people in crisis
  • help people get started in chaplaincy services, by assisting in training and directing them to the proper ministry and chaplaincy resources
  • minister in chaplaincy to people from all walks of life, races, religions and ethnic backgrounds. We are a Judeo-Christian non-profit religious entity, but we will serve anyone who is in need of emotional and spiritual care through chaplaincy services.